The 4th Global Sustainable Technology and Innovation Community conference

The 4th G-STIC conference

26-28 October 2020

26-28 October 2020

Inspiring world-renowned keynote speakers on sustainable development

Empowering breakthrough innovations for the SDGs

Special session - October 26, 18:45 - 20:45

Join Brave Blue World's exclusive European premiere

The Brave Blue World documentary paints an optimistic picture of how humanity is adopting new technologies and innovations to re-think how we manage water.

The story follows Paul O'Callaghan, a water industry expert and the CEO of BlueTech Research, visiting sites around the world that are employing novel ways of tackling existing water problems. As he meets with pioneers and innovators who are addressing global water and sanitation challenges, their stories reveal a hopeful future for our most precious resource.

Managing partners

Facilitating transformative changes needed to achieve the SDGs

Inspirational sessions on market-ready technological solutions

The need for transformative changes is clear if we want to achieve the SDGs by 2030. Technology represents only one dimension of change, though. Changes in the social, financial, regulatory, institutional systems are urgently needed as well, and financial inclusion is vital. Choose among tens of inspirational sessions zooming in on all aspects of the change that we need.

Plenary sessions

Eager to learn from champions of change sharing their story and presenting real-life examples of market-ready solutions for the SDGs? Especially as they demonstrate innovative approaches, laws, regulations and funding mechanisms for upscaling their deployment?

Join the plenary sessions and get inspired by world-renowned keynote speakers and thought leaders on sustainable development.

Plenary session

Thematic & deep dive sessions

Which market-ready innovations should policy and decision-makers keep an eye on? What changes are needed to accelerate their deployment at scale? How can we strengthen cross-sectoral collaboration to address social and economic challenges related to the SDGs?

Take part in our thematic and deep dive sessions. Enter into the discussion with experts and discover business opportunities for scalable technological solutions.

Thematic session

7 societal challenges and 3 cross-cutting themes

Conference themes focused on breakthrough innovations

Engaging with technology for the SDGs

Action events focused on concrete implementation

Achieving the SDGs by 2030 demands for business-unusual approaches. We urgently need to accelerate the wide-scale deployment of breakthrough market-ready technological solutions.

All of us must therefore seize every opportunity to exchange groundbreaking ideas, best practices and lessons learned. Pick the action event that best fits your needs and engage with relevant stakeholders to underpin the concrete implementation of market-ready technological solutions.


Interested in joining a debate on the hurdles and technical solutions for specific sustainable development challenges? Join one of our workshops where experts from industry, government institutions, and research centres review the progress expected in future. Discover likely developments enabling breakthrough innovations.

More info soon >


Do you want to showcase your track record in technological innovation for the SDGs? Would you like to initiate cross-border contacts, create international business opportunities and build commercial, technological or research partnerships? Then you should join the online matchmaking event organised by the Enterprise Europe Network.



How do you capture new opportunities to contribute to a sustainable world? Are you having a hard time to connect with the right people? At the G-STIC conference, you can connect with an international audience of entrepreneurs, researchers, innovation experts, technology suppliers, investors, captains of industry and policymakers.


Enjoy the musical interludes

Brought to you by Astrid Stockman

Astrid Stockman
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Astrid Stockman is a classically trained singer and pianist from Belgium. As a soprano focusing mainly on experimental opera and musical theatre, she travelled extensively to give performances around the world.

Since COVID-19 made her cancel her international tour, she turned to the piano and started live-streaming weekly concerts. Her sober take on songs by Presley, Denver, Springsteen and others, taking her out of her comfort zone as a classical soprano, got her a lot of response.

2000 participants from 80 countries

Check the videos and relive the 2019 conference

Organised by 8 international co-hosts

Meet our partners from Brazil, China, India, Kenia, South-Korea and Nigeria

The G-STIC conference is hosted jointly by VITO (the prime research and technology organization on cleantech and sustainable development in Belgium) and 7 other not-for-profit independent technology research institutes: ACTS (African Centre for Technology Studies, Kenya), FIOCRUZ (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil), GIEC (Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, China), GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea), IITD (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India), NACETEM (National Centre for Technology Management, Nigeria) and TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute, India).

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