Establishing a regional technological innovation platform in Oman

Dietrich Van der Weken | October 21, 2019

Dietrich Van der Weken | October 21, 2019

Earlier today, I joined the press conference at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC) for the official announcement of the International Sustainability, Resources & Technology Conference (ISRTC). This conference is to establish a regional technological innovation platform in Oman. It has a clear purpose to accelerate the deployment of integrated technological solutions that can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and support the transition to a circular economy.

Joining forces to accelerate technological transitions for the SDGs

ISRTC will be hosted by Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (be’ah), in close collaboration with the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) and with G-STIC.

G-STIC joins forces with ISRTC 2020 to accelerate technological transitions for the SDGs

As our Policy Director Veerle Vandeweerd said during today’s press conference, G-STIC is more than happy to join forces with ISRTC. G-STIC and ISRTC share the belief that the SDGs can be achieved much more efficiently by deploying integrated technological solutions.  Integrated technological solutions tackle multiple sustainable development challenges simultaneously rather than individually.

G-STIC and ISRTC 2020 are therefore on a joint mission to accelerate technological transitions for the SDGs and build a living library of transformative technologies across sectors. This joint mission confirms our unwavering commitment to international processes that forward Science, Technology and Innovation for the SDGs.

Launching a regional technological innovation platform

be’ah is hosting the ISRTC conference driven by a firm belief that environmentally sound decisions, along with the maximum use of available resources, will encourage the adoption of sustainable practices in business sectors. At the same time, be’ah launches this regional technological innovation platform to make Oman a leading force in the technological transition to a sustainable future.

ISRTC launches a regional technological innovation platform in Oman

Sheikh Mohammed Al Harthy, Executive Vice President-Strategic Development Sector at be’ah, was very clear about this during today’s press conference. He confirmed that ISRTC 2020 is indeed a technological innovation platform designed for experts and professionals specialised in environmental sustainability and circular economy. ISRTC2020 will focus on Sustainable Development Goals and the future of resource management, and shed light on Industry 4.0 and the latest technological solutions that minimize damage on the environment.

Working across national and sector boundaries

In my recent article on Queen Mathilde of Belgium’s inaugural speech, I pointed out that G-STIC works across national and sector boundaries. This new partnership for the ISRTC 2020 conference is part of that approach. It will surely help put technological transformations for the SDGs even higher on the international policy agenda.

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Dietrich Van der Weken

Since January 2017, Dietrich Van der Weken is the General Manager of the G-STIC conferences series initiated by VITO, the prime research and technology organization in Belgium. Dietrich joined VITO in July 2009, focusing on cleantech innovation. Until December 2016, Dietrich was the Program Manager of MIP, the Environmental and Energy Technology Innovation Platform, a subsidy program that focuses on accelerating the transition to the sustainable management of energy, materials, and water. Dietrich holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics, obtained at Ghent University, Belgium.

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