Energy - Inaugural Address - Theme: Energy access & energy positive communities

Inaugural Address

Mr. Enele Sopoaga, Hon’ble Prime Minister, Tuvalu (Pacific), President of SIDS-DOCK (to be confirmed)

Energy - Session I - Theme : Energy Access for Off-grid or poorly grid connected communities - Chair : Dr Ajay Mathur, TERI

Findings of the Mini/Micro-grid report of UNIDO

Mr Mark Draeck, Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO, Vienna, Austria

Modern technology and innovation for enterprise based energy service delivery

Mr Tom Price, Director, Strategic Initiatives, All Power Labs, Berkley, California

Energy - Session II - Theme : Remaining Thematic Presentations, Panel debate on position paper - Chair : Ms Christine Lins, Executive Secretary, REN 21

Increments of solar power through cell phones

Mr Davidi Vortman, CEO, Lumos (to be confirmed)

Facilitating energy access through Swarm electrification

Mr Sebastian Groh, CEO, Solshare (to be confirmed)

Way forward for Grid-off grid synergies

Mr Sam Slaughter, CEO, PowerGen (to be confirmed)

Panel discussion

Moderator: Ms Christine Lins, Executive Secretary, REN 21, Paris

Reflections on the position paper and key messages:

  • Mr Phillippe Scholtes, Managing Director, PTC, UNIDO, Vienna (to be confirmed)
  • Prof Rajeev Ram, Professor of Electrical Engineering, MIT, Boston
  • Mrs Leen Govaerts, Unit Manager, VITO, Mol
  • Mr Dolf Gielen, Head of Innovation, IRENA, Bonn
  • ECOWGEN (to be confirmed)
  • Mr William Brent, Director for Communication, Power for All, Madrid

Energy - IRENA take-off session

Energy - Keynote address - Theme : Energy Positive Communities

Energy - Session I - Theme : Examples of innovative grid connected communities

Residential full electric districts and microgrids

Mrs Maxine Ghavi, Senior Vice President and Program Director for Microgrids, ABB

Mobility energy hubs: electric car sharing community in Singapore

Mrs Dorothée Coucharrière, International Public Affairs Director, BlueSolutions-Group, Bolloré

Smart Campuses in the US

Speaker to be confirmed

Energy - Session II - Theme : Panel debate and position paper