Cross-thematic expert stories

Global mechanisms for implementation of Agenda 2030 and beyond

Developing countries lack financial resources as well as institutional capacity to implement policies, plans and action for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. This is why cooperation between countries are key to making progress.

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Urban inclusion in Middle Eastern cities

Cities in the Middle East are experiencing civil war, destruction and occupation. Sustainable redevelopment is only possible when socio-cultural inclusion is considered. The most effective way is to promote inclusive societies through urban integration.

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Improving informal settlements using social technologies

The demand for technical assistance for informal housing in Brazil dates back to the 1970s. This resulted in 2008 in new social housing strategies. The future of free technical advisory services is directly related to social technologies.

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Reduction of inequality in the sub-Saharan region

The gap between poverty and wealth in Southern Africa is reflected in its built environment. Retention of traditional and vernacular architectures in both self-built and government-provided housing would help reduce inequality.

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Macro and microeconomics potential of urban settlements

As more people move from rural to urban areas due to climate change, ensuring a sustainable future will require careful balancing of the macro challenges of managing urban change with the micro elements of community and enterprise.

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Need for effective international technology cooperation

The 2020 edition of the G-STIC conference came at the right time to underline the urgency to identify integrated technological solutions and promote multi-stakeholder collaboration to tackle the many challenges to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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