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Greenhouse gas emissions

Cities key for achieving new emission reduction target

Cities cover less than 2% of the world’s surface, yet account for roughly 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. To deliver the EU’s greenhouse gas emission reduction target, cities have an integral role to play. A CDP report reveals which European cities lead on environmental action.

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Source: CDP
Building equitable economies

Putting people first in nature-based solution projects

Underdeveloped landscapes could economically and ecologically benefit from landscape restoration. Restoring land by growing trees and protecting forests conserves biodiversity, improves water recharge, sequesters carbon, enhances rural livelihoods and spurs rural development.

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Source: World Resource Institute
Reskilling the global workforce

4 ways to cope with disruption of the skills landscape

To reskill 50% of the global workforce by 2025, four critical areas – universal digital learning, micro-credentials, skills-based credentials and hands-on learning – will require coordinated attention from governments, the private sector, donors, and civil society.

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Source: World Economic Forum
New microgrid R&D programme

Shaping the carbon-neutral economy of the future

Engie launched a new hydrogen-based energy storage system on Semakau Island, Singapore, to explore solutions for green electricity access in Southeast Asia and the future of urban power distribution, as well as climate-friendlier cooling systems and data centres.

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Source: Eco-Business
Deep-Sea Mineral Platform

Staying ahead of the battery boom

To meet the growing demand for seabed minerals and create the space needed for mineral sourcing manufacturers and metal markets to take thoughtful action on this topic, the World Economic Forum has launched the Deep-Sea Minerals Dialogue.

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Source: World Economic Forum
Low-carbon energy systems

Plugging the energy investment gap

Access to renewable energy finance remains a key challenge for developing nations. The Climate Investment Platform blends the capabilities and resources of IRENA, SEforAll, UNDP and the Green Climate Fund to initiate a step change in developing countries’ pursuit of low-carbon energy ambitions.


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Source: IRENA
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