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5 ways for organisations to achieve gender equity

5 ways for organisations to achieve gender equity

A move to skills-based talent practices has the potential to be an incredible leveller. It could change the way organisations hire, develop, pay and promote talent. Greater access to talent offers one of the few tangible opportunities to ensure cognitive and cultural diversity on critical projects.

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Source: The World Economic Forum
Reskilling the global workforce

4 ways to cope with disruption of the skills landscape

To reskill 50% of the global workforce by 2025, four critical areas – universal digital learning, micro-credentials, skills-based credentials and hands-on learning – will require coordinated attention from governments, the private sector, donors, and civil society.

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Source: World Economic Forum
New jobs enabled by AI

Massive upskilling & reskilling investments needed

COVID-19 has accelerated the automation of many tasks, leading some to fear artificial intelligence (AI) will take their jobs. Instead, AI will create more jobs than it automates. But as these jobs will require new skills, businesses and governments must invest in upskilling and reskilling young people and adults.

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Source: World Economic Forum
Science & technology education

Teaching children to teach themselves

As COVID-19 forced more than 1 billion students out of school, it triggered the biggest educational technology implementation in history. That opens up a world of opportunities to transform how we teach and learn the science and technology skills that are crucial for our future.

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Source: World Economic Forum