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Geothermal energy

Successfully used for greenhouse operations

Low-temperature geothermal energy combines the advantages of thermal energy storage with those of deeper geothermal energy, without its disadvantages. Using shallow geothermal energy for greenhouse operations showed an impressive CO2 savings potential.

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Source: Think Geoenergy
Geothermal resources

Developing silica-rich cosmetic products

Icelandic national power company Landsvirkjun and MýSilica are partnering to develop silica-rich cosmetics sourced from geothermal water. The partnership confirms Landsvirkjun‘s drive to increase value from its geothermal stations’ energy and material streams.

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Source: ThinkGeoEnergy
Clean energy computing

Google redefines what ‘100% renewable’ means

Google announced the launch of a new technology designed to shift electricity demands of its largest data centres to match clean energy supply. Using renewable forecasting data, non-urgent computing tasks are scheduled for when renewables are plentiful and cheap.

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Source: GreenBiz
Driving electric

Plug-in vehicles help limit climate change

In countries accounting for 95% of road transport, plug-in vehicles emit less greenhouse gases than petrol and diesel models. That includes all operations over a car’s lifetime: the mining of metals or lithium for batteries, manufacturing, driving 150,000 kilometres and scrapping.

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Source: Climate Home News
Energy security

Why energy access is vital in tackling a pandemic

As COVID-19 spreads, a lack of reliable access to energy may make it impossible for hospitals and first-line medical services to treat critical patients. Off-grid decentralised renewable power can provide a solution, especially for vulnerable communities.

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Source: World Economic Forum
Gender diversity

Energy sector needs to draw on all talents

Gender diversity is vital for driving innovative and inclusive solutions for clean energy transitions all over the world. With women accounting for less than 30% of the labour force, the energy sector needs to shift the dial to deliver a sustainable energy future for all.

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Source: International Energy Agency