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Smart energy systems

Innovations addressing the needs of women

Research indicates how energy innovations that ignore the gendered nature of domestic chores can undermine the ability of new policies to achieve more flexibility. Considering gender when designing such innovations is therefore crucial to avoid reinforcing income inequalities.

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Source: The Conversation
Discovery of geothermal systems

A holistic toolkit powered by machine learning

The Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy is set on accelerating the discovery of commercially viable geothermal systems, developing a playbook that combines play fairway analysis, machine learning, advanced geostatistics and other techniques into a holistic exploration toolkit.

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Source: Think GeoEnergy
Renewable energy generation

Flexibility and storage are what matters most

As COVID-19 hit the world, energy demand declined, and electricity generation was more than ever dominated by renewable energy sources. More flexibility in demand and different types of storage are what matters most as the share of renewable energy generation grows.

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Source: VITO
Energy resilience

It’s about more than just the money

We should be careful not to define the value of energy resilience in money terms only. Four concrete examples demonstrate how decision makers leading an energy storage project can choose to do energy justice to low-income communities.

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Source: GreenBiz
Cities and infrastructure

3 inspiring places putting nature first

Smart green cities can protect nature, create millions of jobs and trillions of additional revenues or savings by 2030. Find out how 3 inspiring places put nature first, designing energy-neutral buildings, protecting coastal communities against flooding or securing water supply.

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Source: World Economic Forum
Offshore wind industry

Impressive order increase in first half of 2020

Orders have risen by 319% compared to 2019, making offshore wind the world’s fastest-growing industry. And yet, this seems to be only the start of an extraordinary boom as offshore wind has the potential to generate more than 18 times global electricity demand today.

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Source: Eco-Business