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Powerless in a pandemic

Solar energy for off-grid healthcare

COVID-19 has reminded us that health facilities require electric power for myriad uses, including lighting, ventilation, refrigeration for vaccines and running life-saving equipment. Solar mini-grid systems have proven to be a reliable energy supply for rural health facilities.

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Source: Eco-Business
Sustainable foam production
Circular Economy

Chemical recycling of used mattresses

BASF is starting pilot tests of its new chemical recycling process for used mattresses. By recovering raw materials with a quality comparable to that of virgin raw materials, BASF will be able to produce new foam with a significantly lower carbon footprint.

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Source: Live Circular
Agriculture and food

Pathways and challenges to digitise agrifood

Achieving a food transformation by 2050 is not easy. The “Digitising Agrifood” report looks at the many ways in which digital technologies such as wireless connectivity, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain can come to the rescue.

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Source: Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition
2020 World Youth Report

Agenda 2030 & youth social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship merits increased attention as a financially efficient model to address key sustainable development challenges. The 2020 World Youth Report explores how new technologies can support youth social entrepreneurship to advance sustainable development.

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Source: UN Major Group for Children and Youth
Clean shipping

Developing fuel cells for ships

Under a joint development agreement, Samsung Heavy Industries and Bloom Energy will design and develop fuel cell-powered ships. Fuel cells create electricity through an electrochemical reaction without combusting the fuel, potentially cutting NOx and SOx emissions by 99%.

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Source: Offshore Energy
COVID-19 food crisis

Ensuring access to seed for nutritious crops

Floods, drought, diseases and pests hurt current crops in Sub-Saharan Africa and disrupt seed supply for future harvests. As COVID-19 is dealing another blow to farmers, the big challenge will be to ensure they have access to quality seed for nutritious crops.

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Source: World Economic Forum