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Top 5 water purification technologies

Top 5 water purification technologies

Global water treatment product manufacturers are exploring 5 state-of-the-art water filtration technologies: nanotechnology, acoustic nanotube technology, photocatalytic water purification technology, aquaporin Inside™ technology and automatic variable filtration technology.

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5 amazing technologies that can prevent a global water crisis

5 amazing technologies that can prevent a global water crisis

Water scarcity is among the top five global risks affecting people’s wellbeing. Traditional sources such as rainfall and groundwater are already being affected by climate change. In fact, supplies are shrinking as demand is growing. Technological innovations are needed to prevent a global water crisis.

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Source: The Conversation
One possible future of autonomous AI-driven agriculture

One possible future of autonomous AI-driven agriculture

Agriculture accounts for over 70% of the global water use. With food demands only rising, managing water consumption is vitally important. While today the function of AI is mostly to inform farmers’ decision-making processes, machines will be able to operate autonomously in the near future.

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Fresh water shortage

Keeping a vital lifeline flowing worldwide

Within 10 years there will be a 40% shortage of fresh water. New filtration processes, higher efficiency pumps and wastewater treatment units are among the many innovations that are needed to take on the challenge of ensuring a safe, stable supply of fresh water.

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Making wastewater clean

Artificial Intelligence helps detect toxic substances

European scientists are using photonics to develop a laser system to detect and trace toxic substances in wastewater. Using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, this system will be able to continuously monitor water in a live setting with no need for sampling or preparation.

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Cities and infrastructure

3 inspiring places putting nature first

Smart green cities can protect nature, create millions of jobs and trillions of additional revenues or savings by 2030. Find out how 3 inspiring places put nature first, designing energy-neutral buildings, protecting coastal communities against flooding or securing water supply.

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