Pathways of transition: accelerating technological innovations

The G-STIC side event at the SDG pavilion during COP27 showcased market-ready, innovative integrated technological solutions which will move societies and economies onto more sustainable development paths. This event was aligned with the COP27 presidency’s priorities and focused on showcasing best practices and innovative climate solutions.

The importance of disruptive and enabling technologies was discussed by Kirsten Dunlop (CEO, Climate-KIC Group), Nísia Trindade Lima (President, Fiocruz), Suruchi Bhadwal (Director Earth Science and Climate Change, TERI), Kehkashan Basu (Founder-President, Green Hope Foundation), Maddie Akkermans (CEO and Co-Founder, The Weather Makers) and Ilke Geleyn (Programme Manager, G-STIC).

The focus of the discussion was on the barriers in the way of implementing technological solutions and the need to put a system in place so that the right technologies are used in the right places. The speakers highlighted the need for multi-dimensional technologies that can serve a number of different purposes. To use these technologies effectively, there has to be a rethink about the global financial system as well as greater collaboration.

While new technological advancements such as AI, blockchain, and hydrogen are shaping the global North, the importance of enabling access to technologies that help to satisfy fundamental needs such as education, clean water, health and energy was also stressed.

There was agreement among the speakers that we should foster and accelerate technologies that create green jobs and contribute to all layers of sustainability. These technologies should be embedded in the environmental, social and economic structures of countries rather than being used for a single project or in a single community.