A unique sustainability conference of Tomorrowland

The Love Tomorrow Conference is an organization of the Love Tomorrow Foundation (Tomorrowland’s sustainability platform), supported by VITO (the Flemish Institute for Technological Research) and G-STIC. 3.750 participants joined the first edition of the Love Tomorrow Conference on 28 July 2022, right before the start of Tomorrowland’s third festival weekend. It was an inspiring international gathering of climate innovators.

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Impressive line-up of Architects of Tomorrow

The first Love Tomorrow Conference immediately attracted the big name Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens.

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Other speakers were Nadine Bongaerts (Synthetic biologist), Ali Tabrizi (Filmmaker), Lieven Vanlommel (CEO Foodmaker), Jasna Rokegem (Fashion-tech designer), Lucas De Man (CEO Biobased Creations), Dennis Karpes (Social Entrepreneur), Dirk Standaert (Technological innovator), Cécile van Oppen (Co-founder Copper8), Jacob Bossaer (CEO Bosaq), Ida Engberg (DJ), Arash Aazami (Activist innovator), Liviu Babitz (Inventor), Frans Timmermans (Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal and David Sirota (Screenwriter of the film Don’t Look Up, starring Leonardo DiCaprio).

They encouraged the participants to take action for a better environment, climate and well-being with a view to the sustainable world of tomorrow. Rewatch their speeches >

World premiere of ‘Once Upon A.I.’ inspired by Yuval Noah Harari

What does the mind-blowing story of humankind look like to artificial intelligence? 'Once Upon A.I.’ is a short film experiment inspired by the writing of Yuval Noah Harari, featuring over 260 strange and spectacular images that were generated by 13 different A.I. algorithms.

Yuval Noah Harari studies the evolution that humans have gone through and will go through on a macro scale. In his books, he refers to technological development as a constant and powerful driving force for change.

But what if we turn the tables? What happens when we let technology interpret Harari’s epic non-fiction storytelling about our collective past and possible future?

Once Upon A.I. had its world premiere at the Love Tomorrow Conference.

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G-STIC Climate Action Programme with climate solutions for developing countries

The G-STIC Climate Action Programme supports developing countries in their fight against climate change. For the second project call in 2022, the Government of Flanders is providing €15,88 million in subsidies for climate projects in developing countries.

Representatives from the first approved projects of the G-STIC Climate Action Programme shared their thoughts about climate solutions in developing countries.

G-STIC booth @ Love Tomorrow Conference

MyGrid: the winner of the VITO4STARTERS pitch competition

With the VITO4STARTERS competition, VITO supports young companies that contribute to more sustainability with its technical knowledge, a proof of concept and/or access to infrastructure. Six finalists have pitched their idea:

  • ClimateCamp which provides an open carbon infrastructure to share emission data from suppliers to manufacturers and customers.
  • Sisqon which produces a biological, biodegradable, water-based glue out of an organic waste stream.
  • Polyperception which uses AI and computer vision to provide real-time operational data to waste sorting and recycling facilities.
  • MyGrid which provides a unique plug-and-play homebattery and portable battery pack all-in-one attractive device that can be plugged into any standard power outlet.
  • Gro2 which develops a photobioreactor suited for microalgae cultivation on industrial sites while using residual heat.
  • PANTA Club which provides a carefree and affordable subscription service of safe and premium urban-bikes for children with a circular business model.

Minister-President Jan Jambon and Dirk Fransaer (Managing Director, VITO) awarded the prize of €20,000 in VITO support to the winner MyGrid.

MyGrid with Dirk Fransaer and Jan Jambon

Check out the photos of the Love Tomorrow Conference