​Carolina Starr

​Carolina Starr

Consultant Biodiversity and Ecosystems



Carolina is a consultant on Biodiversity and Ecosystems. She is an expert on agroecology and ecosystem services, and has a broad experience on rural extension and public policies for agroecology. She has worked as a rural extension agent for agrarian reform settlers who wanted to adopt agroecology and need support for the transition process. After that, she joined the Ministry of Agrarian Development in Brazil, where she was responsible for the genetics resources agenda, including the international discussion on benefit sharing and Farmers Rights and the national discussion on how this agenda should be implemented. She has also worked with different countries in Latin America to strengthen the agroecology agenda in the region, always linked with the Family Farming discussion. In 2015, Carolina joint FAO and has been working with the implementation of FAO program on Agroecology, supporting the global dialogue that has been started in 2014.

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