Programme overview

G-STIC Conference January 2022

Sessions labeled will take place in one of the following conference venues: Dubai Exhibition Centre, Sustainability Pavilion, Norway Pavilion, Belgian Pavilion and Brazil Pavilion. Sessions labeled will be live-streamed from Dubai and can be followed online.

World Expo

Guided Tour of World Expo 2020

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Guided Tour of World Expo 2020

16/01/2022, 17:00 - 21:00 GST (Dubai)

14:00 - 18:00 CET/WAT (Brussels, Nigeria)

15:00 - 19:00 SAST (Cape Town)

08:00 - 12:00 EST (New York)

22:00 - 02:00 KST (Seoul)

21:00 - 01:00 CST (Beijing)

18:30 - 22:30 IST (New Delhi)

10:00 - 14:00 BRT (Rio de Janeiro)

It is no longer possible to register as this innovation tour is fully booked.

Salua Daghay and her husband Koenraad (both highly educated scientists) from Unveil Arabia will take you on a guided tour of World Expo in Dubai, so you can fully appreciate the sustainability, innovation and technology being demonstrated. Unveil Arabia is the exclusive accredited provider of architecture and VIP tours at the World Expo site.

During the guided tour, you will visit:

  1. Terra – the Sustainability Pavilion: a 100% self-sustaining building in the middle of a desert with 1,055 solar panels
  2. Sweden Pavilion: the only pavilion made entirely of wood
  3. Netherlands Pavilion: featuring a circular climate system that harvests water and energy, manufactures rain and produces food
  4. Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA): the future of energy-efficient homes
  5. DP World: this provider of smart logistics solutions demonstrates the connectivity in movement of cargo around the world
  6. EPPCO: alternative energy
  7. Philippines Pavilion: coral reefs and marine conservation
  8. Germany Pavilion: energy, cities of the future and biodiversity
  9. Baden-Württemberg Pavilion: a timber hybrid building that’s all about the importance of sustainability its innovative strength

Note: The guided tour is limited to 15 persons. The route can vary depending on time and availability of the pavilions.