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Sustainable use of resources by Sami people

The Sámi way of life relates closely to nature and their traditional knowledge is built on generations of experience. While Sámi reindeer herding families remain strong, changes have been brought about by modern introductions, such as snowmobiles.

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Territorial integration and agricultural capacities of drylands

Meeting regional food production is nearly impossible in drylands, which exist in over 110 countries. Oasis ecosystems contribute not only to the biodiversity of the ecosystem but also to the diversity of diet, whilst improving rural-urban territorial connectivity.

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Technological innovations for sustainable food systems

The realisation of sustainable food systems depends on many factors, all of which need to be addressed, including soil and land use, breeding and farming, and harvesting. For each of them, technological innovation is a critical enabler.

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Building climate-positive and resilient global food systems

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, about two billion people experience moderate to severe food insecurity. This trend will likely be exacerbated by the growing impacts of climate change. So the global food systems need to be transformed.

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How digital technologies help build resilience for smallholders

The “Digital with Purpose: Delivering a SMARTer 2030” report by GeSI and Deloitte proves to be quite interesting. It quantifies how digital technologies can impact several SDGs, with case studies illustrating how they reduce social and economic inequalities.

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