Expert stories on Oceans

Livelihoods of small islands

The people of the Pacific Islands are facing exciting social, political and cultural transitions as a result of the huge influence that comes along with the international aid pouring into the area from super-power countries. These transitions also leave them vulnerable.

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How desalination can help address the freshwater challenge

Fresh water is scarce. Seawater desalination is expected to play a vital role in limiting the gap between water demand and supply. Sixteen thousand desalination plants are currently estimated to be active, producing 95 billion litres of water per day for human use.

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Realising long-term solutions for marine plastics pollution

If no action is taken to break current trends, oceans will have more plastic than fish by 2050. The European Commission’s recently announced Circular Economy Action Plan defines plastics as a focus sector where the potential for circularity is high.

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Pushing the boundaries of innovation to drive blue growth

Focused on its core strengths, DEME develops solutions addressing global, worldwide challenges that relate to specific SDGs: rising sea levels, a growing population, CO2 emissions, polluted rivers and soils, and the scarcity of mineral resources.

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Nature-based solutions for climate-resilient societies

Nature-based solutions are an indispensable part of our global effort to achieve the SDGs. According to the Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Manifesto, they are a vital complement to decarbonisation in establishing climate-resilient societies.

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Marine spatial planning to create space for a sustainable economy

Oceans and seas play a significant role in climate regulation. A sustainable blue economy, which covers all economic activities related to the world’s oceans and seas, calls for a strategic and integrated approach to planning the development of oceans and seas.

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