Building climate-positive and resilient global food systems

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, about two billion people experience moderate to severe food insecurity. This trend will likely be exacerbated by the growing impacts of climate change. So the global food systems need to be transformed.

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How COVID-19 exposed challenges for technology in education

Nearly 1,6 billion students in 194 countries were impacted by school closures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. While this triggered large-scale efforts to use digital technology, it also exposed the big challenge of bridging the digital divide in education.

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SDG entrepreneurship fuelled by Copernicus Earth Observation

Copernicus Earth Observation data can help manage the Earth’s finite resources. One prototype developed during the 2019 G-STIC Copernicus hackathon addressed the challenge of monitoring Acid Mine Drainage to remedy adverse environmental impacts.

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Advocating indigenous peoples’ knowledge in fighting climate change

For the pastoralist Mbororo people to which Hindou Ibrahim belongs, climate change is not just a series of warnings in a report. Her message is a simple one: we must re-build our relationship with nature and do this in partnership with indigenous peoples.

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Champions of change fighting for sustainable development

Gro Harlem Brundtland, Damilola Ogunbiyi and Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim are true champions of change. Being part of the G-STIC community, they will make a difference in forwarding the implementation of integrated solutions for the SDGs.

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Making digital transformation work for the benefit of all citizens

As we move ever faster from one innovation wave to the next one, we have to ensure technological innovation fosters inclusive growth. That’s why, with the EU, we need to invest in social entrepreneurship and develop regulation to respect citizens’ rights.

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