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Geothermal resources

Developing silica-rich cosmetic products

Icelandic national power company Landsvirkjun and MýSilica are partnering to develop silica-rich cosmetics sourced from geothermal water. The partnership confirms Landsvirkjun‘s drive to increase value from its geothermal stations’ energy and material streams.

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Source: ThinkGeoEnergy
From CO2 to low-cost fuel

Artificial leaf mimics natural processes

A new process for artificial leaf technology, inspired by photosynthesis, can make carbon-neutral fuel at a low cost. This process is very promising in terms of exploiting excess CO2. It is 10 times more efficient than photosynthesis and avoids the use of electricity.

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Source: Fast Company
Global 100 list

The world's most sustainable corporations

The most sustainable corporations keep upping their clean revenue. Denmark’s Ørsted, heading Corporate Knights’ 2020 Global 100 list, has undergone a radical transformation from a developer of coal-fired power plants into a pure-play renewable energy company.

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Source: Corporate Knights
Building a greener economy

Top 5 emerging markets for clean energy investment

The Climatescope survey profiles 104 emerging markets worldwide and evaluates their ability to attract capital for low-carbon energy sources while building a greener economy. The top 5 emerging markets include India, Chile, Brazil, China and Kenya.

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Source: BloombergNEF
Geothermal on the rise

Top 10 geothermal countries

Global geothermal power generation capacity stood at 15,406 MW in 2019, with the top 10 geothermal countries contributing over 90%. With addition of 759 MW in capacity, this is the largest annual growth of geothermal in the past 20 years.

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10 predictions for 2020

Energy, vehicles & sustainability

A record year of wind installations, driven by a towering 69 GW of new onshore capacity. That’s just one prediction by BloombergNEF for what 2020 will bring for the low-carbon transition. Companies and investors are more than ever committed to a cleaner future.

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Source: BloombergNEF