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AI and machine learning will finally take off in healthcare

AI and machine learning will finally take off in healthcare

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will enable healthcare providers to improve diagnoses and to advance the science of imaging. Clinicians will use wearable data to help them make better health decisions. All this will cause an explosion of innovation in health.

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The top 10 emerging technologies of 2020
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The top 10 emerging technologies of 2020

The 10 technologies offer solutions to the two most important global challenges of the moment: global health and climate change. The sun’s energy is able to covert waste carbon dioxide into valuable materials to reduce the carbon footprint. And virtual organs will be created for diagnoses.

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Source: World Economic Forum
Tackling COVID-19

Harnessing the power of community-led solutions

COVID-19 has proven how deeply health security is integrated into our lives. Cross-sector collaboration is needed to bolster community-led innovations that address immediate community challenges and contribute to creating resilient health systems that do not get ravaged by crises.

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Accelerating sustainable development
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3 areas where blockchain could be an SDG game changer

Building resilient and transparent supply chains is one area where blockchain could be an SDG game changer. Pilots include the deployment of blockchain technology by AB InBev to facilitate transparency in pricing around locally sourced crops for which farmers had been historically underpaid.

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To your health

3D-printing to reduce meat consumption

While interest is growing in meat alternatives, the challenge for such products is that their texture doesn’t resemble meat. A start-up firm in Israel is now using industrial-scale 3D-printing to produce a plant-based ‘alt-steak’ that has a structure and texture similar to a real steak.

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Powerless in a pandemic

Solar energy for off-grid healthcare

COVID-19 has reminded us that health facilities require electric power for myriad uses, including lighting, ventilation, refrigeration for vaccines and running life-saving equipment. Solar mini-grid systems have proven to be a reliable energy supply for rural health facilities.

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