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Accelerating sustainable development
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3 areas where blockchain could be an SDG game changer

Building resilient and transparent supply chains is one area where blockchain could be an SDG game changer. Pilots include the deployment of blockchain technology by AB InBev to facilitate transparency in pricing around locally sourced crops for which farmers had been historically underpaid.

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Source: World Economic Forum
Saving our forests

Solutions emerging from UpLink Trillion Trees Challenge

The Uplink Trillion Trees Challenge has sourced over 250 entrepreneurial solutions to save our forests. These include solutions to scale and accelerate forest conservation and restoration, green our cities, unlock Industry 4.0 technology for trees, and stimulate the forest economy.

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Source: World Economic Forum
Making wastewater clean

Artificial Intelligence helps detect toxic substances

European scientists are using photonics to develop a laser system to detect and trace toxic substances in wastewater. Using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, this system will be able to continuously monitor water in a live setting with no need for sampling or preparation.

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Source: Water Technology
Fragile food systems

Accelerating the move to digital technologies

Digital technologies and networks have the ability to help fragile food systems navigate through troubling times. Examples in Peru, Kenya and Uruguay show how collecting, using and analysing massive amounts of machine-readable data can help transform our food systems.

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Source: World Economic Forum
Agriculture and food

Pathways and challenges to digitise agrifood

Achieving a food transformation by 2050 is not easy. The “Digitising Agrifood” report looks at the many ways in which digital technologies such as wireless connectivity, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain can come to the rescue.

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Source: Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition
COVID-19 exposure

Disinfecting spaces with robots using UV-C light

The threat of spreading COVID-19 persists with every droplet dispersed into the air. A team from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory designed a robotic system that uses UV-C light to disinfect surfaces and neutralize aerosolized forms of the coronavirus.

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Source: World Economic Forum