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From the frontline

10 lessons learned for a gender-equal world

Pandemics affect women and men differently and worsen inequalities for girls and women. Women Deliver, the global advocate for women’s rights, recommends 10 actions as part of COVID-19 response and recovery efforts to build a more gender-equal world.

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Source: World Economic Forum
District heat networks

Private sector investments critically needed

Policy makers and property developers increasingly look at district heat networks for low-carbon heating and cooling. Achieving the scale-up that is needed to realise district heating’s full decarbonisation potential will require innovation and private sector investments.

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Source: BloombergNEF
Corporate sustainability

Preparing better for climate change impact

Companies with robust sustainability strategies are not just better prepared for emergencies like the COVID-19 crisis or the impact of climate change. Companies that have worked with sustainability for many years are also in a stronger position to move forward right after a crisis.

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Source: Eco-Business
Workplaces of the future

Improving diversity, equity and inclusion for all

Technology can be biased. But it can also help companies to improve inclusion and diversity in their workplaces and boost their bottom lines. COVID-19 has given an opportunity to shape the workplace of the future by blending technological tools with human-centric approaches.

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Source: World Economic Forum
Building back better

Five proposals to kickstart a green recovery

With a recession looming, there is no point in reinventing an outdated economic model. Research has shown how a green recovery could benefit the climate as well as prosperity and health. Quick wins are needed though, to build support among citizens and investors.

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Source: The Conversation
Nature for life

Providing blueprints for nature-based recovery

The Equator Prize winning solutions provide blueprints for addressing the socio-economic crisis caused by COVID-19. Nature-based solutions proposed by indigenous communities in Thailand, Canada and Kenya show what green recovery can look like.

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Source: International Institute for Sustainable Development