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Rebooting economies

Making a sustainable and resilient recovery

As policy makers design COVID-19 recovery plans, they have to make decisions shaping infrastructure for decades to come. The World Energy Outlook Special Report shows governments can spur economic growth, create 9 million jobs a year and lower emissions.

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Source: International Energy Agency
Renewable energy

The deep sea could hold the key to the future

To kick our fossil fuel habits, we’re going to need a lot more wind turbines, solar panels, and batteries. Building all that infrastructure will require billions of tons of metals and minerals which can be found in abundance at the bottom of the sea. But what about the costs?

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Source: Grist
Geothermal energy

Successfully used for greenhouse operations

Low-temperature geothermal energy combines the advantages of thermal energy storage with those of deeper geothermal energy, without its disadvantages. Using shallow geothermal energy for greenhouse operations showed an impressive CO2 savings potential.

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Source: Think Geoenergy
Climate governance

Blockchain technology to act against climate crisis

As much as the world faces a climate crisis, it also faces a climate governance crisis. We know what must be done, but we don’t know yet how to get there. New mechanisms are needed. Blockchain is one technology that has the potential to boost global cooperation for climate action.

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Source: The Conversation
Time for nature

Nature-based solutions for securing water resources

As economies get squeezed, it is becoming more important to recognise nature-based solutions (NBS) for securing water resources. Integrating reservoirs, treatment plants and pipe networks, with watersheds and wetlands protection can lead to improved water quality at reduced cost.

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Source: International Water Association
Fighting COVID-19

Artificial Intelligence plays a key role

In the fight against COVID-19, organisations have been quick to apply their Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning know-how. Both technologies are playing a key role in better understanding how COVID-19 spreads and speeding up research and treatment.

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Source: World Economic Forum