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Reacting to the coronavirus

Can we respond the same way to climate change?

The coronavirus has transformed everyday life so significantly that the effects are already showing up in satellite photos. In China, for example, before-and-after satellite photos show pollution disappearing as work came to a standstill.

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Source: Fast Company
Power generation

Carbon negative through geothermal energy

Close to 1% of the Philippines’ land area, that’s what it takes for the country’s Energy Development Corporation (EDC) to be carbon negative. The vegetation in EDC’s four geothermal reservations absorbed almost five times the amount of CO2 emissions in 2018.

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Source: ThinkGeoEnergy
Reducing CO2 intensity

International shipping could raise ambition

CO2 intensity of international shipping has already been reduced by 30% from 2008 levels in 2018, nearly reaching the 40% reduction target set for 2030. The sector could therefore further scale up goals for decarbonisation in the coming years.

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Source: Climate Home News
Fighting climate change

How COVID-19 might help us win the battle

The response to COVID-19 illustrates a number of actions we can take to address global climate change. As the significance of the pandemic dawns on us, it becomes increasingly clear we have to make people the priority, listen to global perspectives and trust experts.

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Source: World Economic Forum
Gender diversity

Energy sector needs to draw on all talents

Gender diversity is vital for driving innovative and inclusive solutions for clean energy transitions all over the world. With women accounting for less than 30% of the labour force, the energy sector needs to shift the dial to deliver a sustainable energy future for all.

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Source: International Energy Agency
Nature-based solutions

First-ever global standard developed

With growing concerns over biodiversity and climate change, nature-based solutions get increasing recognition as a necessity for achieving the SDGs. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) will launch the first-ever global standard in June.

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Source: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)