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COVID-19 food crisis

Ensuring access to seed for nutritious crops

Floods, drought, diseases and pests hurt current crops in Sub-Saharan Africa and disrupt seed supply for future harvests. As COVID-19 is dealing another blow to farmers, the big challenge will be to ensure they have access to quality seed for nutritious crops.

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Source: World Economic Forum
Food systems

Time to make them climate & pandemic proof

The combination of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to devastate food security and farmers’ livelihoods. We therefore must shift towards ‘agroecological’ practices that work with nature instead of against it and protect farmers that face spiralling debt.

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Source: Climate Home News
Sustainable supply chains

A transparent journey from crop to cup

The coffee industry’s fragmented nature is a big challenge to sustainability in supply chains. As pressure grows on the industry to incentivise sustainable farming, digital tools help achieve the transparency that is needed to develop a sustainable production process.

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Source: Eco-Business
River deltas are drowning

Sediments are vital for food production

Although river deltas take up less than 0.5% of the global land area, they are home to hundreds of millions of people and are critical hotspots of food production. Deltas are now facing an existential crisis as they subside much faster than they would do naturally.

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Source: The Conversation
Making food out of thin air

New protein powder could feed billions

The Finnish company Solar Foods plans to bring to market a new protein powder made out of CO2, water and electricity. The high-protein, flour-like ingredient tastes like wheat flour and could become an ingredient in a wide variety of food products after its launch in 2021.

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Source: World Economic Forum